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Batch No. 2:
Saturday, December 22

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Old School,
New Recipes

People have A LOT of opinions on what makes a good bagel, but no one will argue that NYC is their indisputable home. Golden, blistered, and most importantly chewy–these are the hallmarks of the centuries-old traditions that made their way to America in the skilled hands of Polish-Jewish immigrants who set up the shops that have become institutions.

Flo’s bagels are naturally leavened with a Brooklyn-born sourdough mother, cold-proofed overnight, and kettle-boiled with barley malt. Our poppyseed babka is based on grandma Flo’s famous recipe (we’ve tweaked the dough maybe just a smidge, but she’d definitely approve).

We believe that what keeps traditions alive for generations to come is adapting them and making them our own. That’s why we’re constantly evolving our classic recipes with updated techniques and modern flavors, honoring our past by bringing it into the future.

Small Batches,
Big Ideas

To provide you with the best quality and freshness, we work in small batches with a focus on handmade as well as locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients. We don’t like to take shortcuts!

For the moment, Flo’s will be baking limited batches that you can pre-order for pick-up through this site on regularly scheduled dates.

We’ll also continue hosting pop-up events around town. But keep an eye on us…we’ve got big ideas!


Batch No. 3:
Saturday January 5, 2019

Pre-order available from December 18.


Get to Know


Flo’s is inspired by NYC’s old school “appetizing” shops and delicatessens, where you could pick up all the goods to quickly pull together a feast-worthy spread. Bagels, schmears, smoked fishes, and fresh toppings, plus sweet breads and cookies–Flo’s is made for gatherings of friends and family noshing and gossiping around the table.

Flo herself was our founder Heather Eddy’s maternal grandmother, Florence Witkowski. Her kitchen was the center of the house shared with three generations of our family, and there was no question as to who was the boss. For holiday preparations, she commanded an assembly line of pierogi-makers. Mountains of decorated cookies were packed and distributed to anyone who came by. And despite her painful arthritis, Flo nevertheless hand-kneaded the dough for her famous loaves.

From cooking and baking alongside the women in her family, Heather has always found a way back into a kitchen. Today, (when she’s not rolling bagels!) Heather is also a design strategist and facilitator helping companies prototype the future of food, and coaches fellow food startups as the program lead for Kitchen Republic Academy.