Fresh-baked Babka

Fresh-baked Babka

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“When you’re rolling out the dough, Just make sure you roll it slow. If you roll the dough too quick, Bibbibabka comes out thick…”

Perfect Strangers, anyone? Anyone? Free babka if you get this (extremely dorky) reference.

For anyone who wasn’t an American tween in the eighties, babkas might make you think of grandmas, and indeed “babka” is sometimes a sweet term for a Polish granny, or babci.

Our babka recipe comes straight from grandma Flo’s kitchen, where she cranked out dozens of fragrant and perfectly braided, golden, and shiny loaves for every holiday.

Her classic poppyseed, studded with golden raisins and chock full of candied cherries will always be our favorite, but we love making new varieties like the rich Chocolate-Tahini, or homemade sweet farmer’s cheese.

This is what home tastes like.

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