NEW! Brunch Tote

NEW! Brunch Tote


You know what’s totally baller? Surprising your sweetie or rocking up to your mates’ with a full-on luxe brunch spread. That’s why Flo’s has gotta a brand new bag: a brunch tote, specifically. It’s packed with everything you need to be a brunch hero.
Here’s what you get, all packed up real nice in a Flo’s canvas tote:

- Half-dozen mixed bagels (Two each of Plain, Sesame, and Everything);
- Two mini (175g/each) schmears: Plain and Scallion-Chive;
- Half (4-5 slices) a babka (Choose Chocolate-Tahini or Cinnamon-Walnut)
- One Prosecco split (0.2L);
- One Bottle Fresh OJ (500mL)
(Plus a standing ovation, you superstar.)

Sorry, but no substitutions, please!

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